Today’s press conference by President Bush once again highlighted David Gregory’s absolute disdain for the Presidency and our President. Although Mr. Gregory might justify his insulting questions as being “hard-hitting”; in fact, the comments he makes are more in the line of a political diatribe than a real question.

So, what does it matter if a liberal journalist routinely insults the President? If you’re a liberal, you see nothing wrong with harassing a President who is known to be honest and hard-working. If you’re a liberal, you want to see President Bush humiliated in order to project your own philosophy rather than realizing that such divisive tactics harm our country and our military. If you’re a liberal, you just want to win, regardless of the cost to the country.

For the rest of the American population, Mr. Gregory’s animus toward President Bush is just another opportunity lost by the media to ask about issues that affect Americans and our well-being. In Mr. Gregory’s “in your face”, take-no-prisoners approach, we see a man bent on forcing his own views down the throat of everyone else, including us and the President of the United States.

Let’s face it. Mr. Gregory’s attitude sounds a lot like some other hoodlums we all know and fear — the radical, Islamic terrorists!