How much is “it” worth.

I’m asking how much a Senator or Representative’s vote is worth.   Ms Landrieu got $300,000,000 for her vote for health care.  And, I’m sure she’s not the only one.

The posturing and pseudo consideration of the health bill is ludicrous.  Grown men and women pretend to be studying the value of the bill–when we know they’re positioning themselves for the big buyout — even as the American public is saying “NO” in poll after poll.  We do NOT want a government run health insurance.  We do NOT want the government intruding into our private medical history.  We DON’T WANT Congress to insist upon health care “reform” when we know it is a political steal of our rights and privacy.

We DO WANT reform of the regulations that prohibit insurance companies from competing across state lines.

We DO WANT tort reform so doctors and hospitals can operate without fear of reprisals for problems that are truly beyond their control.

We DO WANT Congress to begin listening to us and STOP trying to control us.  Congress is supposed to REPRESENT us, not CONTROL us.

So, how much is an individual legislator’s vote worth? Only time will tell.

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