Obama — a Muslim advocate

Why does our President always choose to support anything that promotes Muslims?

Although President Obama and his followers fervently deny his obeisance to anything remotely associated with Islam, it is obvious that he venerates that tradition…even at the cost of America’s reputation and safety. Almost everything he does or says is based on this devotion.  Obama bowed to the sheik…a muslim.    He has tried to make Israel accept untenable terms that satisfy only the Palestinians…again mostly muslims.  He insists that Guantanamo be closed, despite the majority of Americans wanting it to remain as it is — a prison for the extremely violent, mostly muslim terrorists.  Obama has said that Iran, the most rigid Islamic country in the world,  can have nuclear technology, so long as it’s peaceful………….and, what fool believes that technology will be peaceful or stay in-country?  In every instance, his choice has been pro-Islam.  Unfortunately, Obama does not show any tolerance or ability to recognize that the majority of Americans are NOT Islamic.  While those of that religion are just as worthy of being Americans as any other group, they shold NOT have special privileges!

Unfortunately,  our President can’t seem to understand that he is the President of all of us — liberals, conservatives, independents, Christians, muslims, and any other way you  slice and dice the American public.  He chooses to side with the killer of an American soldier because the killer was a convert to Islam.  He sided with the deceased doctor who performed partial birth abortions because the doctor was an abortionist.  Whether countless babies, or countless soldiers, die is of no consequence to Obama.  His first allegiance is to Islam and his statements and actions as President demonstrate that!

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