Obama’s Teleprompter


Ronald Reagan was known as the “Great Communicator” for his inspiring speeches and his impressive knowledge on world affairs, as well as domestic issues.  All Presidents have used the podium to inform Americans on issues.  Unfortunately, today, President Obama feels uncomfortable answering even the most minute question without the aid of his teleprompter.  The few times that Obama answered “off the cuff” were not only embarassing to all, but a measure of his inexperience.  That is why Obama has retreated to “reading” his answers rather than spontaneously answering anything put before him!

Speaking extemporaneously might not be the only way to measure a President, but most Americans expect the president to be speaking TO THEM, not reading from a teleprompter.  And, if Obama must be prompted by a teleprompter so he gives the “right” answer, WHO IS PROMPTING THE TELEPROMPTER?

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