Romney wins……..AGAIN!

The third Presidential debate for 2012 was yet another example of Governor Romney’s ability to ASSESS SITUATIONS and determine THE optimum strategy.  No matter the provocation, Governor Romney never sank to President Obama’s level of scurrilous lies, insults, and innuendoes.

While President Obama blustered and insulted Governor Romney, Romney replied with grace and knowledge.

While President Obama tried to defend his abysmal record, Romney pointed out inconsistencies and policies detrimental to Americans.

While President Obama lied about Romney and denigrated Romney’s sterling (ask former President Clinton if it’s sterling) reputation, Romney replied without rancour….and, with provable facts.

Obama’s demeanor, words, and attitude were wrong for him, America, and the world.

And, even worse for Obama, his “facts”, as he likes to call them, were also wrong.

One example was Obama’s condescending remark about “bayonets and horses” which is demonstrably false.  Our Marines DO still use bayonets.  And, we DID use horses in Afghanistan!

While the pundits, most of whom are lieberals, might call this a tie — at best — anyone else checking the facts, watching Romney’s statesmanlike demeanor, or seeing Obama’s inability to defend his record will call this a definitive win for Romney.   AGAIN!



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