The Catholic Church and Notre Dame

Even knowing that President Obama supports abortion and the Catholic Church is diametrically opposed to abortion, Notre Dame has asked Obama to be the  commencement speaker.  What is worse, they are planning to award him an honorary degree!

It’s time for the Catholic Church to demonstrate the power of their principles.  Killing the unborn is murder, and as such, a mortal sin. Why would any church confer their blessing on someone who absolutely believes it is all right to scrape a baby out of its mother’s womb?

In the past, the Church has made many mistakes and created problems for the faithful.  The Crusaders were  basically mercenaries.  While that is still a tenet of some of the radical sects of the Islamic faith, and although there were many mercenaries at the time, the Catholic Church has apologized for that episode of its history.

Then, the Church failed to oppose the attrocities of the Nazis against the Jewish people. In these instances, and others, the Church has abjectly apologized and promised to be “better”.

Now, we have a very simple test of whether the Church has learned its lesson.  Supporting a policy of murder is not a Christian path to Heaven.  And, even though abortion fans have attempted to relabel abortion as “choice”, we all know it is murder.

It’s time for the Church to stand up and tell the world that we do NOT support abortion in any form and we do NOT support those who actively allow abortions to continue!  It’s time for the Church to tell President Obama that we are happy to have him speak because he is the president, but there will be NO AWARD for someone, even a President of the United States,  who supports murder.

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