Yik Yak and other Yaks

Yik Yak is becoming a popular way for college kids to converse with others on their immediate campus.  The app only has a “reach” of about 1.5 miles, so the social circle is fairly limited.  And, it is anonymous, so anyone in the vicinity can “let loose” on any subject any time.

It sounds like a good idea.  Let young people, who are supposedly in an intellectually-stimulating environment, freely vent on a wide variety of topics that are of special interest to them.

But, wait.

The PC police have once again sent out their thugs and said that this app should be shut down because some are using it as an avenue for hate speech and sexually or sexist speech.  And, of course, hate speech or sexually explicit comments cannot be allowed!  That privilege is reserved for Hollywood, I guess.

While I agree that racial slurs, etc., are terrible, controlling speech is even worse.  One of our founding principles is that speech is free.  That is why the Constitution forbids any censorship of speech.  And, that is why it is called free.

Unfortunately, Freedom of  speech, according to the Lieberals, is only “free” if it is politically correct.  And, if any one person is offended, why then, that speech must be censored.  Who better to decide what the majority of us can say, do, or even think, than the Lieberals?  They seem to be much more advanced in their sentiments than the rest of us and, therefore,  they feel obligated, even “destined”,  to ensure that their opinions and viewpoints become the standard by which we all must live.

The problem raised by one group censoring another’s free speech is, of course, that there is no ONE standard to guide us.  We all of us have different opinions and thoughts about everything in life.  What is offensive to me might be an innocuous issue to another and so, why should a small minority rule the roost or why should the PC viewpoint be the standard?  Remember, in the PC world, it only takes one person to be offended before the Libs jump in to limit freedom of speech.  It’s a crazy way to operate in a country that believes in the rule of the majority, NOT the minority.

Besides, while no mature adult in America wants there to be hate speech, or racial violence or sexist comments, you cannot eliminate those aspects of society even though, for some crazy reason, the Lieberals seem to think that clamping down on free speech will cure those who are hateful people.  The words are NOT the problem.  The problem lies in the attitudes of people who cannot live peacefully with others.

So, long live Freedom of speech.  And, all you college kids?  Yak all you like.   Yik Yak on and on and on and on.

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