Censorship and its sneaky beginning………


Censorship might have its place in a time of war when you need to keep your enemies guessing;  but, it has no place in modern America.  Yet, there are always those who consider themselves to be THE ARBITERS of what is okay to say and what is not okay to say, write, draw, or show.

Reverand Al Sharpton is upset over a cartoon!  He claims it is a racist attack.  The Vatican is upset over a depiction of Jesus and Mary.  They claim it is an attack on religion.  A Senator is promoting a “fairness” requirement for radio talk show hosts.  He sees freedom of speech as an opportunity for those who oppose him to voice their opinion!  The ACLU doesn’t want even a period of silence in schools.  They claim it is forced prayer!  Where –and when — do all these attacks on our right to freedom of speech end?

Every single one of these individuals are self-imposed censors of what is acceptable or what is not.  They want to censor anything they consider “racist”, “anti-Catholic”, “politically correct”, or “religious”.  These attacks on free speech are cleverly disguised, but they all amount to censorship. 

No one — and I mean not Al Sharpton nor the ACLU nor even a Senator — should have the power to change the right to Freedom of Speech.  If these people don’t like what they are hearing or seeing or listening to, turn the radio or tv off!  Don’t buy that newspaper!  But, DON’T try to take away our right to choose what WE  read, see, hear, buy, or say.  You are not the Speech police.  You are censors.  And, with your sneaky beginning attacks of free speech, you are DANGEROUS to us all!

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