Doyle and his “anything goes” philosophy……….

Wisconsin’s Governor Doyle is not only an opportunist when it comes to others’ money, he is also a bully.  First, he filches money from non-governmental funds, and now he wants to legitimitize same-sex couples.  Regardless of what the state’s voters want, and the fact that a governor does not write the law, Doyle assumes he can legislate from the Governor’s office.

One huge change that Doyle is pushing to make law is to allow same sex couples access to the significant other in hospital situations, etc.  However, he doesn’t tell anyone that this right already exists!   Every patient is allowed to choose who has access to his files and who can make end-of-life decisions.  All that has to be done is to fill out the appropriate forms and sign them.  I know this because I am my father’s designated health POA.  If my dad had preferred, he could have named the local dog catcher to be his health POA!  This is the law and has been in effect for some time.  The Democrats pretend that it is a problem so they can use the situation as a pretext to further their social agenda!  To say that we have to recognize same-sex couples so they can stay together when one of them is hospitalized is an absolute LIE!

Here is the Wisconsin site to apply for health POA.  The text below proves that the individual CHOOSES whom he wants to represent him!

This is an important decision. You may have several close relatives or friends who would be willing to become your Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney or agent. This person should be able to make tough decisions, to speak up in a crisis situation, to understand your values and desires and could speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself? Pick someone you trust, who will really listen to your feelings and values. Make sure that person is willing to assume the responsibility of being your representative.
Choose just one person to serve as your agent and you may avoid disagreements. If you appoint two or more agents to serve together and they disagree, your medical caregivers will have no clear direction. If possible, appoint at least one alternate agent in case your primary agent is not available.
Speak to the person (and alternate agents) you wish to appoint beforehand to explain your desires. Confirm their willingness to act for you and their understanding of your wishes.
The agent must be a well-known to you and trusted person, older then 18 years of age.

The general rule is that you cannot appoint someone who is providing you health care (or an owner, employee or director of that health care provider or of a hospital, psychiatric care facility, hospice, nursing home or other similar facility) unless that person is related to you by blood, marriage or adoption.

Is anyone surprised that a Democrat, Governor Doyle, would bend the truth to further his Lieberal philosophy?  I’m not.  His “anything goes” philosophy includes the assumption that he is allowed to determine our moral and cultural standards, simply because he is the governor of Wisconsin. 

Isn’t it time to return to the founding principle of one-man, one vote?  And, a governor — whether male or female — should not use the leverage of his office to legislate, intimidate, or influence in an effort to further his own personal agenda when it runs contrary to our personal philosophies.  I say we should tell the “anything goes” governor to GO–and, please, go far away!

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