Clear as mud!

“And, I promise transparency in government….” and “open meetings” and “nothing behind closed doors”.  How many times did SENATOR Obama say that before becoming president?  And, a little over his first year, how many times have he and his fellow Democrats broken those promises?

If you look at health legislation alone, Democrats are wheeling and dealing ONLY behind closed doors.  There is nothing discussed in public nor are any reports issued so we can check up on our pseudo representatives in Congress.  No wonder the American public is vehemently against the current, health  legislation.  We know there are sweetheart deals and special favors for those that vote democrat — like unions.  We know that congressional votes are routinely being sought using state exemptions or student loans (which have NO bearing on health care but are someone’s special pet project) as a carrot to entice a “yes” vote.   We know that “some” Americans will once again pay more for a governmental program that no one, except the Democrats who are buying votes with our tax dollars, want!

In fact, Democrats are looking for every way possible to get this health legislation into law, even if it means subverting the Constitution with ridiculous “rules” like the Slaughter rule.

Health legislation, like the TARP bailouts, and everything else that President Obama and the Democrats do, is about as clear as mud!

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