How many is 9.1?

The unemployment rate “dropped”   to 9.1 from 9.2 for July and already, the Democrats are rejoicing!

What they ignore is that there are STILL ….after 2 years of unfulfilled promises…9.1 % unemployed Americans!

Don’t they understand that 9,1% is still a huge number of our fellow citizens who can’t find a job? And, this doesn’t count the underemployed and those who just quit looking.

Democrats will crow long and hard about the dropping of .1%. They will ignore the 9.1% unemployed. After all, it sounds better to say we had a drop in the unemployment rate, however miniscule, than to say we still have 9.1% Americans without a job.

Talk about tone deaf?!  It’s time to make them face the same music the unemployed are hearing.  Let’s make President Obama and his minions join the unemployment line!

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