Is the Constitution Dead?

Our country was founded under the principle of  law and that NO ONE is above the law.  However,  Obama has never let the Constitution and our legal system stand in the way of promoting and enforcing his Lieberal philosophy.  He is willing to let tax cheats run our governmental agencies (Geithner comes to mind)  while at the same time he attacks Freedom of Speech (the minister in Florida and his Koran burning come to mind).  He attacks the Koran burning as “insensitive” and yet condones a mosque being built at the site of the Twin Trade Towers.  He says we will never be at war with Islam, yet he never protests when our American flag is dragged through the streets of Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

The President is not supposed to write laws.  He can sign a law into effect.  He can campaign for certain laws;  but, he is NOT  a maker of laws.   However, now, even though a huge majority of Americans want illegal aliens deported, and even though the law specifically states that illegal aliens shall be deported, the Obama administration has decided to use bureaucratic measures to keep illegal aliens here!

Maybe this shouldn’t surprise us.  After all, he rammed through Health Care, despite the public being adamantly opposed to it;  and he forced public companies to accept governmental controls in order to get taxpayer dollars.  He toured Europe with a “Hate America” campaign despite the millions of lives and dollars America has spent.  He willingly corrupts economic figures to convince people his policies are working when unemployment and new home purchases are obviously in dire straits.

Why do the rest of us have to pay our bills or face the bill collector, but Obama just keeps spending and spending and spending our tax dollars, even before we have earned them?  Surely no employee takes a job with the thought that he/she will be paying more for their taxes than they can keep for themselves.  But, this is what it has come down to.

Illegal aliens being granted a reprieve is just another in a long line of illegal acts by the administration.  Obama doesn’t feel HE should have to follow the Constitution and our laws nor does he insist that illegal aliens follow our laws.  Only those of us law-abiding citizens are required to follow the law.  Is this fair or even constitutional?

In fact, is the Constitution dead?

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