It’s great to be a Conservative in America today!

Many Conservatives would state their political preferences in the acronym, ABC …………which means Anyone But Clinton.

I am one of that group.

However, even if you are not, the Republicans have certainly given Americans a wide variety of candidates to choose form.  I liked them all and believed any one of them was better than Hillary.

I still do.

And, yet, eventually, we will have to have to choose either Trump, Cruz or Kasich.  What a wonderful quandary the Republicans  present to the American voter!   It is difficult to pick just one candidate and this is the first time ever that my husband prefers a different candidate, Trump,  than I do.  I prefer Cruz.  But, we both are satisfied with any of the three Republicans.

No matter who ends up with the Republican nomination, we need to unite around whoever wins that nomination.   It should be an easy choice to vote Republican because the Democrats have only the Old Maid and the Old Has Been.

So vote.  Vote Republican.  Put either Cruz, Trump or Kasich in the White House .  It WILL be a great day for America.





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