Miscarriage of Justice

When a potential Supreme Court Justice has a history of making racist comments, as Soltomayor has, then even the Democrats should not support her.  Unfortunately, the Democrats are hell-bent on “winning”, no matter what the issue is.

So, they support a candidate for the Supreme Court who says that cultural biases make her a better judge than a white man would be.  They support National Health Care even though government NEVER runs things better than the private sector and even though countries with this system have much poorer health care than we do.

They support groups like Acorn, despite its exposed illegal actions, because Acorn will bring in more votes for them.  Heck.  In Minnesota, the liberals found more votes available for the Clown than there were registered voters!

For LIEberals, the goal is winning votes and they don’t care how they do it.  Steal from the “rich”?  Hey, what a novel idea!  Steal an election in Minnesota?  No problem, bro!

In America today, miscarriage of justice is the modus operandi of Democrats.  And, as long as we “let” them steal our democracy from us, they will keep being clowns and thieves.

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