Politics and War

For the majority of Americans:

War is an intensely serious business with soldiers being killed, wounded, or traumatized.

War is hell for the soldiers’ families who are caught in a waiting mode where they do not know if their loved ones will survive, return, or return harmed.

War is a losing proposition for anyone caught in the crossfire.

War is an expensive process for those of us paying taxes to fund it.

The result? Heart Break for all of us who see our Nation’s Best suffer to create Democracy throughout the world and yet, great pride to see the Iraquis begin to work toward Peace in their land and time…thanks to our efforts.

Assumptions based on actions and words:
For the Democrats:

War is a political “toy” to be used when, how, and in as many ways as it helps their political careers.
How many Democrats tried to create a losing atmosphere in Iraq merely in order to “beat” President Bush?
How many Democrats refused to fund the surge which even now is improving conditions in Iraq?
How many Democrats are using the war as a club against their competitors.

The answer? Too many!

The solution is obvious. Forget the Defeatists in the Democratic Party and Support the Troops.

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