The “uncivilizing” of America

My husband who is a CEO has always said that you can work with someone disagreeable and yet not be disagreeable yourself.  Too bad the Democrats never learned that lesson.  They have spent the last 8 years attacking former President Bush and, in the process, destroying the civility that held our  diverse opinions together.

Because it was politically correct, they criticized the Iraq war which they had helped fund and had voted for.  They criticized the response to 911 despite their eagerness to fight terrorism right after the disaster.  But, most of all, their verbal attacks on former President Bush set a new, rock-bottom standard for incivility.

Rather than honor the office of the President of the United States, they called names.  Rather than discuss issues where they disagreed with the President, they told lies to the Press who were just as eager to promote these lies.  In short, they spread as many negative comments as they could.  They were totally without principles and barbaric in their attacks!

Today’s inauguration of Obama, though, illustrated how completely undignified and how rude this “new” bunch can be.   Reportedly, some in the audience  cat-called at both VP Cheney and President Bush.  They made rude gestures, unsuited for such a dignified occassion.  In short, they lived up — or down — to their reputation.

The aftermath of this uncouthness will fall on Obama and it will be interesting to see how President Obama is treated.  If the opposition treats him as poorly as the Democrats treated President Bush, and all conservatives, America will stagnate.  There will be no compromise….no diplomacy….and no good will toward anyone or any issue.  Instead of moving forward, we will move backwards.

The legacy of the Democratic party is leading toward the uncivilizing of America!

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