Why now?

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7 things to do to help Obama? These are all things we should have been doing all along, not just now, to help OURSELVES. But, LIEberals assume that Obama will make everything perfect and hunky-dory. It’s so sad that some of these idiots who voted for him are stupider than a box of rocks and assume everything will work out now that Obama is in office.

Jesus hippies, get a job, work hard, and amazingly, you are usually rewarded with a good life. Unless, of course, you work too hard and make too much money. Well… then you are taxed (read penalized) for making too much. Ugh, idiots.

-Mr. Knowledge

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  1. mrknowledge Post author

    Courtesy of johnnyfistfight from http://www.digg.com.

    7. Ignore the bad things and concentrate on nothingness. Bury your head in the sand and pretend He didn’t cause a $2 trillion deficit and is spending money as if he has an endless supply.
    6. Censor the conversation. When someone starts talking trash about Obama simply kill them.
    5. Spread lies about anyone who dares questions His agenda.
    4. Reinvent American history to suit His agenda.
    3. Spend your money like crazy. Obama is an endless supply and He is giving it away.
    2. Say the word ‘”greeen'” at least 1,000 a day. Stop using conjunctions and replace all of them with “green”.
    1. Form community patrols and report any anti-Obama activity to the official Obama community organizer enforcement brigade.


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