Thieves in the Night

When I grew up, Life seemed so much simpler.  Maybe it was just because I was a child and not aware of the conflicts of the adult world.  Maybe it was just that where I lived was more peaceful.  Or, maybe the world WAS simpler.

For instance, my parents knew that if they wanted to feed and clothe their family, they had to work hard and earn the money to feed the family.

It was a simple equation.  Work, earn money, and eat.  Don’t work and starve.  Anything else was charity and charity was just not “done”.

Today, thanks to the welfare state, the American taxpayer buys free lunch for everyone…..even illegal aliens.  And, no one seems the least big embarrassed to be on the dole.  Simple, but true.

When my parents scrimped and saved for the future, it was with the knowledge that it was THEIR responsibility to provide for that future.  Today, everyone expects their future needs will be met by the Government, whether they contributed to Social Security or not.

When we grew up, everyone worked.  Janitors, truck drivers, store clerks, and just about every job was considered important.  Professionals were regarded with trust and admiration.  So, bankers were trusted, important members of every town.  Doctors were respected for their valuable care of our aches and ailments and lawyers knew better than to earn money by chasing ambulances.  Today, bankers are demonized for events foisted onto them by politicians.  Doctors are being herded into more controlled medical environments while too many lawyers prostitute themselves in Congress passing unneeded regulations which hinder ordinary Americans and corporate America.  Today, too many jobs are considered “beneath” the American worker yet welfare is considered a “right.  Instead of Americans working for a secure and economically sound future, our society is splintered between the haves and the have-nots by an administration and media which foment class warfare, all in the name of political advantage.

In my childhood world, workers kept most of their income.  Government knew its place and stayed in that place.

Americans of yesteryear knew the importance of God, country, and family.  And, the government respected our love of God and country.  Government promoted family by not interfering in family matters.  Americans valued the Bill of Rights and all the privileges of being Americans.

Today, Government knows no limits to its powers, whether those powers infringe upon our rights or not.  Freedom of Speech is no more when the ACLU and Lieberals force everyone to follow Politically correct speech.  If someone, anyone, is offended, the ACLU and Lieberals are ready to suppress that speech.  Does the Catholic Church dare to adamantly insist on the rights of the unborn?  The ACLU and President Obama are ready to pillory those upstarts.  Does an American believe he is secure in his own home or yard?  Forget it.  The Government can spy on someone’s cell phone, mail, or even your outdoor activities with drones in the sky.

Where does it all end?  Is anything secure against the predations of our very own Government?  Frighteningly, there ARE monsters under our beds and in our closets.  And, those monsters are the politicians we thought we knew and loved.  Nothing is sacred and no one is safe any more while the Goverrnment is on the prowl for more money to give out….

And, it’s not just in America where Government has become too powerful and the rights of individuals forgotten.  After yesterday,   I wonder how secure the Cypriots feel?  Did they think that, at least, their bank savings were inviolable?  Well, think again.

Like thieves in the night, Cyprus’ government decided it could arbitrarily steal some of those savings.

Is that any different than President Obama and his Lieberal friends who propose to go “around Congress” in order to pass their own agenda?  Is that any different than our current administration filled with crooks who demonize those who disagree?  Is there a difference between the Cyprus government which openly steals the savings accounts from their citizens and our Government who steal, but less openly?

I think not.   We the People must oppose these thugs who come in the dark of night, or we will never recover the civil rights that our parents and grandparents had.  When government becomes the monster under the bed, we must turn on the light and chase them out of our bedrooms, homes and businesses.  Otherwise, these governments become even bigger and more corrupt monsters…. stealing their countrymen blind….just like Thieves in the Night.

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