Come to Jesus Moments

Easter is the ultimate “Come to Jesus” moment. After all, a huge part of the world believes that Jesus died and rose from the dead on this day!

Unfortunately, Google decided that Easter, the penultimate day of Christians’ year, should be remembered more for Chavez, a dictator who raped his own country economically and left Venezuelans poorer than before he ruled them.

The media seems to give Google a pass……after all,  it was only one person’s teeny, tiny blooper.  It was not meant to be a statement by Google!

Or, was it?

It seems to me that Easter trumps anything else for such a huge part of the world that no one in their right mind would believe Chavez was more important than the Easter holiday.  Nor would anyone believe that it was a mistake, NOT a planned assault on the Church’s most important day of the year.  Google can protest all it wants, but there is NO justification for focusing on Chavez when the day belonged to Jesus and all Christians.

So, boo to Google.

Maybe Google needs to have its own “Come to Jesus” moment!



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