Time to be Honest–Who should choose our health care?

As the health care debate begins, it is past time to be honest about what the bill really contains.

Besides exempting Congress, the President and probably a myriad of their supporters, both the Senate and House versions are bureaucratic nightmares.  Layer upon layer of bureaucrats will find employment if this bill is enacted.  The irony is that the American public does NOT support the bills…. so why are Democrats pushing it so hard?  Well, they consider it their political legacy.  Unfortunately, it will be OUR FINANCIAL RUIN.

And, even if it were efficient,which it is not ….. or cost effective,which  it is not, many of us do not support abortion and don’t want the government actively engaged in killing babies.

Nor do we want our health care decided by someone who doesn’t know us and, like the HHS secretary Kathleen Sibelius, is not even a doctor!  No, she is a lawyer and she will be the ultimate judge of what health care we are to receive!  Here is the proof of that bitter truth:


So, it’s time to be honest.  Congress is a cancer that threatens to spread its idiocy throughout every sector of our society.  It’s time to send them home before they devastate our entire country.

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