Media blunder…?

If you’ve been under a rock and don’t know about the White House dinner story, Read This! Personally, I think the stunt / gag was pretty funny.

Here’s where the media rears its ugly head. Had this been President Bush in the White House the press would have a field day talking about the administration’s incompetence. Instead, the lieberal media comes to Obama’s defense and claims the stunt was wrong and charges be flung at the couple like candy. Had this been with the Bush administration, the media would be lauding the couple for sticking it to President Bush. It’s this double standard in the media I think shows a clear cut example of how bat-shit insane they are.

Another example is the Tiger Woods story. First of all, everyone and their brother are making assumptions and throwing out opinions as on national tv. It’s ok if you want to throw out opinion in the safety of your home, but when you’re in a public forum you can’t decide what the facts are on his personal life or what may have happened. Then watching the Sports Reporters Sunday, Mike Lupica made note that they deserve to know all the details as to where he was going and why, so that they may correctly determine what happened. Until it’s public record, he and everyone else have no right to know what went down.

Maybe Tiger just lost control of his car, maybe there was some personal issues or maybe he was trying to run over a nosy reporter.

If it’s the third option, let’s hope there’s more like him. 🙂

– Mr. Knowledge

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