Why does the stock market dictate a vote for Romney?

Does the stock market’s “high” really help you decide whom to vote for?  Well, it should!

With record levels of unemployment, gas prices surging, home prices dropping, more people on food stamps,  the stock market seems to be  a sign of hope.  But,  it isn’t!

The reason for the stock market’s high prices is that it is the only place to invest with any hope of earning a decent return.  And, there are many investors who are stashing their cash in the stock market which means there is very high demand for a limited product.  And, generally,  high demand means higher prices.

So, why are so many people and institutions investing in the stock market?

It is the uncertainly created by the current administration’s policies.  Companies are holding their capital close to the vest because they don’t know what the future will bring in the way of expensive regulations, increased taxes, and government bungling of the economy and foreign policy. Individuals are NOT spending because they are worried about future taxes or the possibility of losing their jobs because the promised “summer of recovery” has NOT happened.

So, why vote for Governor Romney and Representative Ryan?

Governor Romney has been a successful businessman for many, many years.  He understands how to make businesses successful by lowering taxes and reducing regulations. He understands how to get our country working again.   Representative Ryan, too, understands financial matters, having been chairman of the House budget committee.

The stock market cannot tell us what to do, but,  it is a warning sign to us that we need to fix the economy so all areas can flourish.  The high prices on the DOW may make investors happy, but it should make us wary…..wary of an administration that has demolished all other areas of our market place.

We need the economy to thrive in all areas…..and, for that, we need Romney and Ryan!

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