Martha Raddatz — the Liberal media’s “hit” man

ABC is struggling to find a moderator for the VP debate because ALL their staffers are Obama supporters.

Their final choice is  Martha Raddatz,  a fervant Obama supporter, who has infinite connections to Obama and a vested interest in his re-election.  Here are a few of Martha’s links to Obama:

1- President Obama attended Martha Raddatz’ wedding.

2-Obama appointed her husband, Julius Genachowski, to head the  Federal Trade Commission.

3- Martha’s husband was a classmate of Obama’s at Harvard.

4- Obama and Genachowski were members of the Harvard Law Review.

These are only a few of the connections between the media and the Democrats’ party network.  This is why the media slants their coverage of the Presidential election consistently to enhance the Democrats’ reputation.  This is why the media’s approval rating is lower than a snake’s belly.

It’s sad that Martha is the “best” that the media can offer to moderate the VP debate.  But, based on the coverage of this election, it is no surprise that none of the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, could find an impartial person to moderate the debate.  And, scary that Martha’s connections to Obama were hidden!

Oh, yes.  Martha Raddatz was NOT chosen for her integrity.  She was chosen to be the Liberal media’s “hit” man.


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