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Racism….a useful, political construct

Recently, I read an article about Chris Carter, a former NFL player, whom I, and my husband, have always enjoyed listening to on a tv sports program.  He always seemed so pleasant and to appreciate other’s individuality.  I never had the impression he bore any deep-seated grudges or life-long complaints.

Boy, was I wrong!

The other day, he was quoted as saying that he had been “disrespected” his whole life.  “Disrespected” is the new buzz word for blacks who feel they have been insulted or humiliated.  And, the humiliation is always assumed to be based upon their blackness.

But, is it?  I am not questioning whether racism exists.  My question is whether every insult or “disrespecting” that happens to a black person is directly related to their ethnicity.  Is it fair to assume that every interaction between a white person and a black person that ends badly for the black person is always BECAUSE they are black?

After all, though the recent incident in Starbucks was offered as proof of racism because two black men were arrested, the fact is that the store had a policy that you could not use the bathroom if you weren’t a customer.  The men did NOT buy anything nor would they leave, so by the restaurant’s own policy, Starbucks would have been justified in insisting they leave.  When the men refused to leave, the restaurant took the only action left to them by calling the police.

On the face of it, no racism was involved.

But……………because the men were black, the assumption was that racism was the ONLY reason  that the police were called.  Was it racism? Was it really a racist reaction to a tense situation?

Years ago, our family was subjected to extreme shunning for a personal choice we made.  People would cross the street rather than walk past us.  We received death threats.  Our children were abused in the schools.  Was that racism?  Since we are white, few would have labeled it as such.

But, what is the difference between what we lived through and what blacks claim they live through?  What makes abhorrent behaviour against one person be called racism and yet, against another person….well, there was no label.

Having lived through some horrible times myself, I would never minimize what blacks, and other minorities have experienced.  But, I also believe that racism is too often used for pragmatic reasons.  There are those who benefit from racism!  As awful as that sounds, it is true.

After all, racism is a divisive idea.  In today’s America, it usually posits blacks against whites.  It creates intense anger in those who feel abused and it also prevents the commity and unity of thought that a society or country requires to succeed.  Racism is a social construct that gives power to one person by subjugating someone else.  Racism is a powerful weapon because, once you divide people, you can manipulate them.  This is why Democrats always label black and white controversies as racism.  Once a victim is established, the Dems can leap to their “defense”.  And in return for the Dems supposedly standing with the victims, the victims are expected to vote Democrats in.  And, once in office, the Dems will funnel money to minority causes.  It is a vicious cycle that, in the long run, helps very few, except the politicians because, history teaches us that this dependency has not helped the black community, as witnessed by the demise of their family units in so many sad cases.

Besides, singling out one group of Americans and giving them more, based solely on their ethnicity, is, by definition racism.  And, giving money to blacks, just because they are black, creates hostility and tension from those who do NOT receive that aid.

Nothing good can come from racism. Whites are always blamed for racism, but, it is a two-edged sword because blacks often discriminate against white.  What else can explain the existence of the Black Caucus in Congress and the NAACP?

Racism also divides even blacks from other blacks because  blacks who do not follow the black “agenda” are routinely vilified by other blacks and many Dems.  How can it not be racist to demand that all blacks follow an agenda set up by someone else?  Why do famous blacks who have accomplished so much have to continue to push back against those who call them “Uncle Toms”?  Aren’t those blacks who insult other blacks “disrespecting” their fellow Americans, who happen to be black and who also happen to be Conservative?

Lastly, consider slavery which is always used as an example of racism at its worst.  According to Thomas Sowell, racism has existed in every society for all of history.  In some cultures, it still exists.  And slavery was not always whites over blacks.  In Africa, conquering black tribes made slaves of other tribes that they defeated. Egyptians enslaved many different cultures, not because of the ethnicity of those people, but just because Egyptians had defeated them!

So, how long can the past injustices associated with slavery be used as a pretext for favoring blacks?   It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a single slave alive today.  Isn’t it time for the descendants of slaves to “move on”?  Isn’t it time for all of us to stop being “African American” rather than just “American”?  Why are there Hispanic Americans?  Aren’t they just Americans?  Why are there Chinese Americans?  And, if you are going to divide Americans into ethnic groups, why are there no “Swedish Americans”, “German Americans”,or any other ethnically identified American groups?

It’s because there is no monetary advantages in grouping those other ethnic groups.

If there were no pecuniary benefit in maintaining racism, it would end.  Perhaps if the blacks who feel “disrespected” would try to understand that not every insult is a result of racism.  Sometimes, people just don’t like your ideas ………………or, maybe they don’t like you! That is NOT racism.  It is just human interactions.

So, while racism is a useful construct for politicians, we should all strive to be more understanding of our fellow Americans.  And, while we shouldn’t “disrespect” anyone, please understand that contentious situations have a wide variety of causes and almost all of them have nothing to do with racism!





Racism — alive and well in the United States’ Senate

The label of Racist is a damning one.  It is heard all too often in our country, especially by politicians.   And, almost unilaterally, it is Democrats depicting anyone, especially Conservatives, who refuse to vote for the Lieberal agenda by that hated name.  Why?  Because it is easier to call someone a racist than to argue the issues.

The latest example occurred when Senator Rockefeller, in an almost empty room, hurled that acrimonious label onto all those who oppose Obama-scare.  Rockefeller postulated that  there could be NO other reason to oppose Obama-scare than President Obama’s race.  Really?  Fortunately, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin WAS in the room and listed many justifiable and good reasons to continue to oppose Obama-scare.

Even so, when Senator Johnson finished his exposition of reasons, Senator Rockefeller once again restated his theory that opposition to Obama-scare MUST be racist!  I guess that Senator Rockefeller believes his claim of racism is “settled”,  just like President Obama claimed that the “science”  about climate warming is “settled”.   For Democrats, it’s no longer “just the facts, ma’am”.  No, it’s the Democrats’ way, or the highway…………and, damn the facts.

This is the problem in trying to reason with Lieberal ideologues.  They have their own theories and conclusions which do NOT need to be based in fact, nor even resemble facts.  You can reason with them.  You can explain…..over and over.  You can show them the proof of what you say.  No matter.  Even when the truth counters their viewpoint, they maintain that they are right and you are wrong.  Why?  Well, their fail safe explanation is that YOU MUST BE RACIST!

Of course,  a reasonable person might say that anyone who prejudges you is himself, or herself, racist.  Because, racism is NOT a color.  Racism is an idea…..an arrogant assumption that one person knows what another is thinking, even when the “knower” has no intimate knowledge of the other person.  So, Rockefeller assumes he knows why Senator Johnson opposes Obama-scare.  Even when Johnson patiently explained his logical reasons for opposing Obama-scare, Rockefeller maintained that he himself knew that Johnson’s opinions are racist, and NOT based in fact.

So, Senator Rockefeller.  I’ve heard you are retiring and that is a good thing.  It’s a good thing for you because the lieberal agenda you support has helped lead our country into near economic disaster.  It’s a good thing for you to escape before Americans understand that it is bureaucrats like you with your big government ideas that suffocate individuals.   It’s a good thing if you leave before your bigoted ideas hurt anyone else.

It’s a good thing for our country because maybe now, we can elect someone who will listen to the facts before rendering a decision.  And, maybe, just maybe, we can elect someone who understands that the mere fact of being part of the “loyal opposition”  does NOT make someone racist!

Your retirement, and the retirement of all who loosely throw “RACIST” around,  might just encourage us all to work together.   That would be a good day for all of us.   No,  excuse me.  The death of  the calumnious epithet of racism — and the realization that we are individuals with different thoughts, prayers, and goals…..yet, still good and loyal citizens  —  would be a GREAT DAY  for America.


Name a Racist………….

Racism was, and still is, a dangerous topic in America today.  Dangerous not only for the damage that racism can cause, but dangerous because the term has become a buzz word for many Lieberals who are desperate for a political victory.  Dangerous because Lieberals throw the word around like it was candy.  And, dangerous because the term has such negative connotations that it divides Americans when we should be working together to repair the damaged economy and the damaged lives caused by the last 3 years!

Could YOU name a racist?  I’m not sure I could, but, Lieberals claim to know who is racist and who isn’t.  So, who really is a racist?

If you asked that question of many Black American public figures, such as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, their standard answer would undoubtedly include  some white Conservative, especially white Conservatives who are male.  If you ask many White American public figures, they would feel compelled to fudge their answers.  Why?  Well, racism is a political hot spot that even the most honest of people don’t want to talk about publicly.

And, why is racism such a potent issue?  It’s because racism is a means of separating Americans into a voting block that politicians can appeal to and that politicians can use to be re-elected.  As such, it is a sinister and cynical tool.  Asking someone about racism is like asking a Miss America candidate if she hates children.  Or, when did you stop beating your wife?  Labeling someone a racist tarnishes their reputation forever, even when it isn’t true.  So, why can’t we separate the real racists from the non-racist Americans?

Well, how would you KNOW whether someone is racist or not?  It’s not as if there is a litmus test.  In fact, calling another racist is problematic because there is no objective means of testing the accusation.  For example, many of us were considered racist because we didn’t vote for President Obama.  But, the accusers never asked which candidate had policies we liked.  We preferred Governor Romney’s Conservative and business-conscious approach to Obama’s “big government” ideas.  That did NOT make us racist………….but, those calling names didn’t worry about the truth.  They just kept on calling names.  Unfortunately, Oprah has repeated these accusations again, so the notion that anyone opposing Obama is racist continues to survive even todday, despite it being UNTRUE!

In fact, if Oprah would think about it, she would realize that racism is NOT about color or ethnicity.  Racism is a lazy way to label someone so you can attack the label and avoid confronting the real person or his ideas.  Democrats are very successful at these cheap shots as we’ve seen in the last few years.   In reality,  if you jump to the conclusion that you know what someone will say or think, based on his color or ethnicity, then YOU ARE THE RACIST!

So,  who are the Racists in America?

Is it President Obama who jumped to the defense of a professor BECAUSE the professor was black and the policeman was white?

Was it President Obama who crusaded against George Zimmerman because he thought Travon was black and George was white?

Was it President Obama who refuses to call the Ft. Hood shooting terrorism by an Islamic radical even all the evidence points to that fact being true?

Is it President Obama who had a Black father and a White mother, yet refuses to recognize that he is just as white as he is black?

Is it Morgan Freeman who admitted he voted for Obama BECAUSE Obama was black?

Is it Oprah Winfrey who, to this day, claims that any opposition to Obama is based on racist feelings?

Is it “establishment” Blacks, like Sharpton and Jackson, who ridicule any Black who dares to be Conservative, like Justice Thomas or Allen West, or Charles Payne or Condaleeza Rice?

Of course, there are people who are racist in every state, and in every country around the world.  That does NOT mean that opposing Lieberals and their “front man”, Obama, makes the rest of us racist.  In fact, it seems to me, based on those listed in the questions above,  that there are more Lieberals  who are racist than whites!

And, calling  Conservatives  racist, just because their political philosophy differs from yours is not only ludicrous, but……..maybe makes YOU the RACIST.

Remember,  our  DIFFERENCES in political views, our personal life style choices, or even our words  DO NOT MAKE US RACIST.

So, please, let’s drop all this name-calling and race-baiting.  Let’s NOT name a Racist……………………..   Let’s just live together as Americans….free, equal, and glad to be Americans!




It’s Black and White

It’s RACISM — Black versus  White………..ALWAYS…………..or, so politicians would have you believe.  But, is America really racist?  Some Blacks believe so.

While Democratic lawmakers place the lion’s share of the blame on Republicans for the state of affairs, they betray disappointment that more progress has not been made since the civil rights movement won its biggest victories.  

Asked whether the overall trajectory of race relations has been positive or negative in recent years, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) paused for a moment.“Right after the election of the president, I would have thought it was going in a positive direction, but I am not so sure anymore,” she said. “I think we have lost ground as it relates to our tolerance of people who are different or people who we believe have not worked hard enough. You hear the language all the time on talk radio — the buzzwords, often primarily directed at low-income people and communities of color.


It’s sad that so many Black politicians universally attribute every evil to Whites, especially White Conservatives.  But, is it true that Republicans and White people, in general, are continuing to act with a racial bias?  And, if true,  shouldn’t you be able to prove it….I mean….with facts?   So, where is any proof of that claim?  Unfortunately for these Black proponents of racism, claims of racism by Republicans and Whites can’t be validated because, they are false!  In today’s America, most of us truly believe that all Americans are equal and have the right to equally pursue a better Life.  Yet, the never-ending claims of racism are buoyed and preserved by self-appointed,  self-serving shills such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and now, it seems, promoted by many of the Black spokespersons.

Why would anyone foment animosity and conflict between fellow Americans?  The answer is simple, and sad.  This mantra of racism has been, and continues to be, a method of continuing a division between Americans for political and monetary purposes.  There is NO  proof that Republicans and Whites are acting, feeling, or speaking in terms that disparage any ethnic group.  And, yet, even in the absence of such proof, the lunacy continues.  Because,  unless you can separate people into a distinct entity, such as Blacks, Whites, Unions, Government workers, etc., politicians have no convenient way of singling out a group and then, of doling out our tax dollars.  And, if you can’t label a group, how can you buy their votes?   So, despite the evidence to the contrary,  many Lieberals and Blacks continue to label all incidents which involve  a Black person as having been caused by racism, ONLY when it suits their philosophy of racism.    For example:

Race was NOT a factor in the verdict of innocence for George Zimmerman.  Yet, many in the Black community continue to believe it was.

Black teens kill an 88 year old, WHITE veteran, and no Black spokesperson voiced a claim that it was racist.

A young, black man has bludgeoned a 99 year old, WHITE woman, and neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson have spoken out against the violence.

A black doctor murders innocent black babies and the response by one black woman was to blame America because “no one cares if black babies are murdered!”  This is the kind of hogwash that creates anger and more violence.  It does nothing to protect black babies, nor white babies, nor purple babies.  Racial hatred is a potent weapon in the hands of a demagogue and few of the Black community hesitate to use hatred to further their own goals.

Such disregard for the facts makes it difficult to give credence to all the claims of Racism. While there might be cases of Racism, not every case involving a Black and White is a result of racial profiling or hatred.  In fact, many of the Black community’s problems are rooted in the Lieberal and Progressive thinking of the 1950 which continue even today.  Facts such as study after study showing that increasing welfare has HURT the Black community do not prevent  black politicians from continuing to promote the idea that conservatives are trying to “steal” the food out of the mouth of poor, black babies.  Even when the facts prove  the disparity in income and unemployment is INCREASING between black and white communities,  due to this welfare mentality, Black politicians and Lieberals blame conservatives when they speak of self-reliance.

It’s ironic that Conservatives believe that everyone, Black, White, or Hispanic, can, and should, be the masters of their own fate.  Some in the Black community seem to agree with Lieberals that Blacks are so helpless and hapless that ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE THEM!

If I were Black, I would resent that notion.  Heck, I’m a “White”……..kind of…………… and I resent that idea!

It’s time that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton  strive to lift up the Black communities, NOT drive them further into the control of the government.  It’s time that these Black snake-oil salesmen are revealed to be opportunistic and, often violent, people who DO NOT TRULY CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO INDIVIDUAL BLACK PEOPLE so long as their own personal goals are pursued.

Let’s improve everyone’s chances for Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness by getting the “bosses” in government out of our way.

It’s time for there to be ONE AMERICA, NOT Black Americans, African American Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans.

It’s time for Americans to be Americans, period!

Today’s Politically Correct Racism


Here’s a simple test on Affirmative Action.

1) You cannot drink water out of my water fountain due to your RACE. <– Racism
2) You are accepted into the University, due to your RACE.  <- Perfectly fine for the PC crowd.

Look, they’re both utter bullshit.  It’s not like these bozos are accepting equally academic strong individuals, they blatantly say that the students are accepted PURELY on race.  It’s actually kind of appalling that the irony is missed by so many.  Ok, if you want to have outreach programs and such to try and attract minority candidates, then I guess I’m ok to a point with that.  But to actually say with a straight face that I’m accepting this student due solely to his or her race, and not see anything wrong with that… then I guess I just can’t comprehend the PC culture.

– Mr. Knowledge

Colin Powell…Secretary of Whining!

Colin Powell claims that the Republican party is racist:   http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/13/Powell-vein-of-intolerance

Unfortunately, his public statements don’t match with what really happened for and to him.  It was a Republican president, George Bush # 43, who gave Powell the glory and power of being Secretary of Defense.  It was the Republican party that gave Powell the opportunity to run for President.   It was the Republican party which was responsible for much of Powell’s success and prominence.

Of course, when Colin Powel reveled in the Republican party,  the political winds favored Republicans.  THEN, he was a fervent Republican!

NOW, the media has commandeered all things political, and constantly rail against Republicans.  Surprisingly, Colin Powell has decided to be anti Republican.  This reversal  sounds as though it is more influenced by self-serving interests than true political philosophy.  He seems to be  willing to switch political affiliations when it suits him personally.

Although no one can absolutely know why people act the way they do, we do  judge people by their actions — which we can see  — and not on what we think about them.

Colin Powell’s latest accusations against Republicans seems to be very self-serving.  His accusations seem to be a flimsy excuse to “fit into”  the stereotype that other blacks prefer.  If he had always stated that he believed Republicans were racist, his comments might have more significance.  But, he rode the Republican wave to victory and now, he wants to jump to the Democrats’ popularity wave.

Unfortunately, this latest grand-standing by Powell is just another instance of how some blacks manipulate the story to their own purposes.  The Republican party actually boasts more minorities in positions of authority than the Democrats.  Isn’t that the true mark of a party that includes ALL Americans?

Powell has become a self-serving bigot who rails against the very people who were his biggest fans.  He complains, insults, and whines because that type of political statement will serve him better now.  He might have been Secretary of Defense once…………NOW, he’s the Secretary of Whining!

Racism………….Charlotte, N.C.

Racism is alive and well at the DNC:

A convention-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of Democratic National Convention in Charlotte



Samuel Jackson — Racist!

Racism, as Samuel Jackson proves, is alive and well in America:


Isn’t it ironic that those of us who preferred McCain, with his extensive background in a multitude of areas, to President Obama, who had no executive experience….well, no experience in anything except rabble rousing….are called “racist” while those who openly admit their vote for Obama was based on Obama’s skin color alone are not called racist?  Isn’t it ironic that I will be criticized as being racist for calling Samuel Jackson to account for HIS professed racism?  When will we begin to stop using skin color as a reason for personal aggrandizement or personal advancement?

Racism is NOT just white against black.  Racism is ANY judgment of another person based solely on the skin color or ethnicity.  And, Jackson’s admission is not surprising considering that almost 90% of our Americans, who happen to be “black”, voted for Obama.  BUT, it is still a sad commentary on how some Americans pledge their allegiance.

For years, we’ve heard stories of racism directed against blacks, Japanese, Hmong, etc.  And, some of those stories are undoubtedly true.  But, racism is color blind.  A black man, such as Samuel Jackson, who claims he voted for Obama, based on skin color alone, is just as racist as anyone who voted for McCain because McCain is white!

So, when Samuel Jackson claims he voted based only on a candidate’s skin color, that is RACISM.  When 90% of blacks voted for Obama, that is RACISM.  When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton constantly criticize any issue that involves black and white with the duo always agreeing with the blacks involved, THAT IS RACISM.

If America is truly the land of opportunity, then we should be trying to STOP such racism, not just redirect it against another group.  Everybody deserves an equal opportunity.  But, that opportunity cannot come at the expense of another because government should not be picking winners and losers.  Yet, continuing to create divides between Americans is what Obama has thrived on.  He NEEDS those blacks to support him, regardless of his policies.

However, such blind adoration is not only risky, it is racist.  Oh, yes.  Racism is definitely thriving in America.  And, yes, Samuel Jackson is marching at the head of the parade.  Samuel Jackson is a Racist!

Andrew Mitchell — racist


Andrea Mitchell reports that Iowans will NOT re-elect Obama because he is black.

It would be interesting to hear how she knows this?  Did she ask everyone in Iowa?  Can she predict the future?  The answer is probably “no” to both questions.  So, why would she say that?  Well, the reason is that Andrea Mitchel is a racist!  Why?   RACISM is making assumptions about people based, NOT on what the people say or do or even truly think, but based upon YOUR OWN PERCEPTIONS OF WHAT THAT PERSON IS SAYING, DOING, OR THINKING.  So, when Andrea says that Iowans will NOT support Obama for a second term, she is assuming the non-support — if that non-support actually exists —  is due to Obama’s skin color, and NOT based on his destroying our economy, our status in the world, or because he insists on placing onerous tax burdens on Americans.

Her refusal to attribute lack of support for Obama assumes that others are racists when, actually, their vote for someone else is more likely based on the poor economy, the unemployment, the increased danger from Iran, etc..  Her “analysis” is absolutely racist and, to the detriment of our country and even the profession of journalism, all too prevalent in our “experts” in TVland.

If she truly wanted to know why people are voting a certain way, she should go out and ask a majority of Iowans.  Her job is to report facts, not her own personal opinions which are based on her own misconceptions, not facts.

Until then, Andrea Mitchell is typical of so many in our television and cable media.  She is a racist!

Racism, by anyone, is ugly.


So, first, Lieberals claimed that Republicans were racist because they didn’t help elect President Obama, a liberal who happens to be a black man.

Now, Lieberals claim that Republicans will vote FOR Herman Cain, a conservative who happens to be a black man, in order to prove that we are  NOT racist!

It seems that Lieberals think conservatives are racist no matter how we vote.  The unfortunate truth is that the lieberals are the true racists in this goofy situation because they can’t see beyond the color of a candidate’s skin to understand the man’s philosophy.

I’m a fan of Herman Cain because he is a well-educated, intelligent, and conservative candidate. The color of his skin is immaterial to me.  But, that’s just me….a conservative.

Ask the lieberals and they see a man’s skin color, NOT his policies nor his personal talents.  Now, THAT’S RACISM.

And, racism, by anyone, is ugly.


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