Eulogizing Kennedy–Please don’t!

It is almost always difficult for friends and family when someone they care about dies.  Ted Kennedy is no different.

However, it is hypocritical to eulogize the man for what he was not.  He was NOT a statesman.   He was a partisan for the left his entire life.

He was NOT a friend to the environment.  In fact, he led the battle against wind power in the bay even though they would not have been visible from his house!

He was NOT a heroic figure, despite losing two brothers to assassination.  Although it is tragic that John and Bobby were killed, those tragedies do not improve Ted’s reputation and certainly did not improve his own behaviour!  In fact, the entire male side of the family was and is morally challenged.  His father delivered his own daughter to a lobotomy, without asking the mother or any objective, outside medical authority.  His father made millions in stock market deals that he later legislated against!  His brother, John, had numerous affairs, even while President and, like former President Clinton, even in the White House!

So, please spare us the pious comments about what a great man he was.  He was NOT.  He might have been your friend, father, uncle, or brother, but he was NOT a leader of men nor a leader of the country.  He was an example of a very flawed human being who took advantage of his family’s name and money to prevent himself from suffering any of the consequences of his bad behaviour.  Although many of today’s youth will not recognize Chappaquidick,  we baby boomers remember when a Kennedy — Ted — was responsible for drunk driving which resulted in a woman drowning.  He did not report the crime until the next morning and he never suffered any legal action.

That was what it meant to be a Kennedy.  Their family motto was:  use, abuse, enjoy!

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