Wrangling Rangle


What a surprise!  Another Congressman who is in abeyance of tax laws which the rest of us must follow!  How many of us can hide assets and get away with it?  Well, today’s Congress and administration are full of tax cheats -remember Geithner and Dashle?

The surprise is NOT that Rangle wrangled his finances to save himself money.  And, it is NOT a surprise that the media is letting him get away with it.  The surprise is that the IRS does NOT go after Rangle and impose the same penalties and fines that an ordinary American would face, if we tried those shenanigans.  Rangle is not the first nor the last to profit from being in Congress.  President Obama had his share of profits while a Senator, and he certainly is taking advantage of the benefits of being President!

Unfortunately, like the proposed health care, Congress and the Administration do not feel that they are “ordinary” like the rest of us.   They do not have to follow the same laws.  That is why they do not plan to be part of this “wonderful” health care plan.  Oh, no, Obama said he’s “the President” and doesn’t have to participate.  Senators and Representatives are following his lead and getting preferential treatment in every aspect of health care, pensions, social security, and other things that the average American works hard to pay for.

Isn’t it time for Congress and even the President to have to follow the laws, just like we do?

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