Grave Robbers

Robbing the dead has happened in many times and many generations.  The ancient Egyptian pharaohs did their best to conceal and protect pharaohs after death.  But, today’s archaeologists know that grave robbers eventually found their way in to almost every burial chamber.

Grave robbing continues even today, except the robbers now wear nice suits and ties, or skirts, and they couch their thievery in platitudes and long-winded speeches. These thieves have nice homes and make a lot of money just by spending someone else’s money.  Who are they?

Congress is the modern equivalent of Egyptian grave robbers.  In fact, the Democrats in Congress have passed legislation in the dead of night, just like the thieves of long ago!  Democrats claim that the estate tax is not a death tax and it is unfair for someone to save during their lifetime with the hope of passing it on to heirs, or charities of their OWN choice.  Even though everyone’s estate has been taxed multiple times through income tax, capital gains taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, fees, alternative income taxes,  yada yada, Congress still believes it has a right to YOUR money! Even after you play by all the rules of the living,  Democrats  claim you have NO RIGHT to decide where your money goes after you die.

Democrats fail to understand that what a person earns during their lifetime is NOT Congress’ money or even the nation’s wealth.  Those hard-earned dollars belong to the person who earned them.  And, if that worker decides he wants to scrimp and save in order to leave an inheritance for his children, so be it.

The estate tax, the worst kind of DEATH tax,  is an abomination because the assets have already been taxed over and over. And, there is NO legitimate explanation Congress can provide as to why they should be able to take money from the dead, even as they are taxing the living into oblivion.

Putting money into your children’s future should NOT provide a honey pot for a Congress that spends recklessly and cannot adhere to any kind of a budget. The estate tax should never have happened.  It truly is a DEATH tax.

Tell Congress we are already taxed too much.  Tell Congress they spend too much of our tax dollars just on their personal hobby horses. Tell Congress to keep their hands out of our pockets….whether those pockets are walking around or lying in a coffin!

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