Obama — American or not?

From all indications, President Obama, the president of the United States, would much prefer to be president of the world!  Or, maybe he would prefer to be the “playboy” of the world!  All of his actions certainly show his disdain for anything American.

To wit:  he bows to foreign leaders…………and, on this trip, has bowed to the Indian parliament!!!!

he keeps telling the world how guilty America is……….of anything and everything………..and how we owe THEM a good living standard!

he calls any opposition by nasty names……the Tea Party is racist, group of radicals……….!!!!!!

he rams legislation through unscrupulously………..despite the taxpayers’ heavy opposition!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that, as an “intellectual”, he opposes the military because it offends his conscience!  And, now, his complete disdain for our veterans and courageous men and women who give — and have given — their all to defend us is not part of Obama’s agenda.


So, a trip that was postponed 2 previous times now becomes so urgent that he can’t even be in the good old US of A for one of our most important commemorations of sacrifice!

Instead of thanking our veterans on THEIR day, he is overseas touting new business ties (ha ha) and enjoying the good life of a celebrity.  Maybe Indonesia rolled out the red carpet for him, but he won’t see any standing ovations from me.

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