OR, will it be?

All product prices are up. Rents are up. Inflation increases and the recession looms.

The housing boom is rapidly slowing.

Illegal aliens are still flooding our country meaning more welfare benefits for them and less for Americans……who, also, pay the bill for these illegal aliens.

Biden is vigorously implementing policies to:

Abort more babies….

Destroy our southern border.

Reduce support for the military, police, and emergency services.

Return to masking and governmental control of all businesses.

Increase the national debt by signing a monumental budget bill which has few benefits for Americans but does increase the burden on future generations.

Allow Russia to bombard Ukraine all while sending more money, more weapons AND, now, our military personnel.

Divide Americans by calling all who oppose his policies derogatory names

Issue Executive orders whenever he wants, including to thwart Supreme Court rulings.

Failing to protect Conservatives threatened by his, and other Democrats’, rhetoric, notably no protection for Supreme Court Justices

So, Happy New Year? I don’t think so. The prognosis is grim so long as Biden and the Democrats control the instruments of government and are willing to say anything, do anything, or try anything to foster Progressive policies and destroy the very basic components of America.

Good luck to us all.

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