United we stand………Divided we fall……

The Republicans in Congress never understood this. The Democrats do.

While the Republicans dither about who will be speaker, the Dems are laughing up their sleeves. How can the Republicans lead when they can’t even agree on a speaker?

Republicans haven’t been united since Ronnie with his famous “Speak no ill of other Republicans” united a tired America.

Democrats, on the other hand, meekly acquiesce to any atrocity that Pelosi or Schumer presented to them. More money for the IRS? Not a problem. Less support for the police and military? Not a problem. Crime on the rise? Not a problem. Entrust the nuclear button to a man who can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago — a man who routinely lies about even his own personal history? Not a problem for Democrats.

This madness has to be stopped! Republicans must unite for a common purpose — that of protecting and defending the Constitution and the American people from the Democrats’ progressive agenda. Republicans must revitalize the economy….restore American’s borders…and, return to the Super Power that defends Democracy around the world.

United we stand. Divided we Fall. Let’s be united.

After all, we are the UNITED States of America.

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