Supreme Court vacancy

The Democrats and Lie-berals are in high dungeon that President Trump might actually fulfill his role as President and nominate a new Supreme Court Justice!

The battle cries from them are ridiculous, completely contrived and easily proven false. In answer to their lies and attempts to frighten and sway American voters, here are some clarifications of the Democrats’ lies and some justifications for President Trump to nominate, and the Senate to confirm, a new Supreme Court Justice:

1…Senator McConnell said that a Supreme Court Justice should not be confirmed IF the Senate majority and the President were of different political parties. Both President Trump and the Senate are Republican or Republican controlled.

2…Historically, vacancies on the Supreme Court HAVE been filled when the President and Senate are of the same party.

3..The President’s term is 4 YEARS, and does NOT end at the election which occurs this November. So, he has the right, and duty, to nominate a new Justice until January, 2021, when his current term ends..

4…Lie-berals threaten to impeach, to end the Senate filibuster, to riot, to pack the Supreme Court, and to create mayhem if Mr. Trump even so much as nominates someone for the Supreme Court. The Constitution gives the majority the right to conduct America’s business and Republicans are the majority.

5…Best of all is Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself who said, “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says a President stops being a President in his last year.”

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