Liar, liar….pants on fire………..

For centuries, children have been taught that lying is unacceptable.  Yesteryear’s parents washed out “dirty” mouths with soap and the seat of many kids’ pants felt the wooden spoon or Dad’s belt if we kids lied.

That was then.  This is now.

I’m not sure when it became acceptable to lie.  Even if you use euphemisms  — like “misdirected”,  or “skewed the truth” — to pretend that lies are not lies, you are not only accepting someone else’s lies, but you are actually lying yourself.  Like “a rose is a rose is a rose”, a lie is a lie is a lie, by ALL names.

Unfortunately, the Lie-beral media have no problem repeating former VP Biden’s lies and there are seldom any fact checks on what he says.  If they do any checking to determine his veracity, those corrections appear too late to do any good.  Once you throw the mud on the wall, it is almost impossible to get it off.  And, that is what the Democrats are relying on.

Their candidate, Mr. Biden, has no agenda of his own.  “His” agenda is that of the far, far Left.  He doesn’t care that socialism has never worked for a country.  His goal is to win the Presidency.  Once in, he will sit back and let someone else do the dirty work of destroying America and its traditional foundation of individualism and small government under GOD letting everyone have a chance to pursue their own dream.

And, despite knowing that the end game is NOT to advance America and Americans, the Democrats continue to spread vicious rumors about President Trump. Every day, another liar puts forth a new lie and the media runs with it causing Mr. Trump and his supporters to denounce the lie and try to make American voters understand that it IS a lie.

There is no justification for the way the media and Democrats are constantly using ad hominem attacks against President Trump AND his supporters. 

We are strong supporters of President Trump and yet, if you believed the Hollywood “experts” and Democrats, we are almost all morons without the intellectual ability to understand that Democrats and all Lie-berals know what is best for us.

Instead, unlike the Left which demands lockstep adherence to whatever the Left and Woke crowd want, we Trump supporters insist that we hear the facts and then, we make up our minds.  Trump supporters believe that everyone can, and should, look at how America is becoming great again, thanks to President Trump.  Though Democrats try to repress and negate the rising tide of optimism in America, no one can honestly deny that President Trump has been good for America.  The truth of American greatness can be seen in the economic vitality of America, the American spirit which prompted a rapid response to Covid by Trump, the Mid-east peace agreements, and the rise in financial viability of minorities in America.

President Trump has made America great again.  Our allies trust us to support them (witness Mr. Trump sending ventilators all over the world once America had what it needed).  Our enemies fear us (witness China’s false bravado).  And, almost all Americans feel a sense of optimism…..a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. 

Ignore the lies of the media which are in cahoots with the Democrats.  Truth be told, as it should be, President Trump was, and IS, the best leader for America.

Time to force the media to cover this election cycle fairly and not to get away with half-truths and outright lies!

If only our parents’  demand for the Truth were part of the media and Democrats’ philosophy, everyone in America and the world would be better off.

But, until they understand, the old childhood chant applies to them…:  Liar, liar.  Pants on fire……..  

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