Tears of shame

The woman who never cried when her husband humiliated her in front of the entire world has now cried publicly. Why? Oh, it must be that the poor dear is overworked in this campaign, and the big, bad boys are ganging up on her!

Believe that and she’ll tell you more.

I find it incomprehensible that yet again, the Clintons have made buffoons of the American public, albeit only in New Hampshire this time. Do democrats never learn? President Bill was not only responsible for eviscerating the military and the CIA (which they later blamed for intelligence failures), but he managed to turn the Oval Office into a brothel. Hillary, by standing by, enabled Bill to continue his narcissistic ways.

So, if Bill is an adulterer, what does that make Hillary? There are multitudinous sources who claim that Hillary is an overbearing, unfeeling, dictatorial person; but, now, 3 tears have somehow turned her into a human being! And, anyone in the media or public who see through this farce find themselves described as unfeeling and insensitive people.

Time and again, the democrats have proven they have no shame. They want a President of their party and are willing to promote even such depraved people as the Clintons, IF IT MEANS A VICTORY IN NOVEMBER! But, by supporting Hillary who comes with Bill’s legacy of criminal behaviour, they have proven to be a party with values inconsistent with American ideals.

The overriding question is how much the American public will believe and accept.

We have seen that the Clintons have no shame when it comes to getting what they want. They will cheat (Bill’s area of expertise), lie (Whitewater, Vince Foster’s suicide, travelgate) and steal (White House articles they took when they were “dethroned”). And, if it took Hillary’s tears to turn a debacle into a victory, why then, that is what she will do….and did!

Hillary and Bill are simply the absolute worst politicians today, in terms of their goals, values, and past actions. They have only their own, personal glory in mind as they campaign. When they cry, do not look for tears of shame. The tears of shame will be come later from the American public if Hillary is elected and continues her husband’s (and her) Reign of Shame.

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