What a surprise!

Last night’s vote in Michigan had several surprises for pundits.

First, Governor Romney won a decisive victory…not because people cared about his religion; but, because Michigan is worried about the economy. And, the best candidate is obviously one with successful business experience.

Secondly, the pundits questioned whether McCain’s credentials for commander in chief would carry him past Romney’s skills in business. To the pundit’s surprise, McCain did not win the day. How could the economy trump the fight against terrorism in any voter’s mind?

The answer is actually pretty obvious. None of the pundits, who are mainly liberals, give President Bush and the military credit for making our country and the world safer from terrorism!

However, President Bush’s success can be directly measured by the issues voters are concerned with in this election cycle. If the issue is safety from terrorism, then this administration has not been as successful as hoped. But, if the main issues continue to be economic, or racial, or almost anything else, then it is time for the media to recognize President Bush’s achievements.

Don’t be fooled that no one has congratulated our Commander-in-Chief. The media doesn’t talk about this because they prefer to sensationalize the problems. That makes better copy for them.

What a surprise!

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