Vested Interests and Mr. Woodward

Have you noticed all the books jumping into the political limelight?

Did you realize that this is “high tide” for the upcoming elections?

Is there any better time to sell an expose in book form?

Almost everyone knows the answers to the above, but can you answer this? Why is everyone hawking the new Woodward book as though it had been received on stone tablets? Why is no one questioning the tenets of this book? Why does everyone assume Mr. Woodward is right?

It is obvious that the release is timed to make money off the political season’s voracious appetite. It is equally obvious that another tell-all book, featuring purported misdeeds by Republicans, will be the Grand Marshall of the Democratic “hit” parade.

What is not obvious is why so many otherwise literate media have pounced on this book as though it were gospel. No one seems to doubt a single word that is written in this book. Maybe the book is true. Maybe it is not.

Before we swallow this story whole, there should be a long and arduous questioning period. No one should assume that Mr. Woodward is a benevolent, all seeing guru who has all the answers especially when he has a vested interest in the success of this book. Maybe that influence some of what he wrote, maybe not. But, let’s check his facts before we give him a pass.

After all, Mr. Woodward doesn’t have a lot of reasons to help the President. But, Mr. Woodward might have lots of reasons to write a book that challenges the President…..and many of those reasons likely will soon be in the bank account of Mr. Woodward.

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