“Ambushed” by Bush 41

Another tell-all book coming out.  Ho hum.

Book is “written” by H.W. Bush, our 41st President.  Hmmmmmmmmm…………….

In that book, H.W. insults President Trump.    Wow………………..

Oh, wait!   Jeb,  H.W’s son, lost to President Trump in the last election, didn’t he?


So, was President Trump ambushed by another Bush?  Yes.

Does it matter that H.W. Bush dislikes and resents President Trump?  No.

This is nothing more than sour grapes.  And, what a disgrace that former President H.W. Bush can not remember how important diplomacy is.  Or, that ad hominem attacks against a sitting President, especially one overseas, are detrimental to our country.  Our enemies do not need any help in their efforts to attack America nor to thwart President Trump who is working to make America great again!

Oh, well. To be kind to an old “has been”, the book  is  more of a “senior moment” than anything else.

Then again………………on the bright side, there is no need to buy that book because there is more than enough vitriol already in politics.  Save your money and just turn your tv onto CBS, MSNBC or CNN if you want to hear President Trump maligned.  They insult, demean, and grope for aspersions non stop. But, do NOT believe what you hear on those networks, nor what you read in that upcoming book.

I mean.  We were great supporters of H.W. Bush AND of his son, even donating a LOT of money to their campaigns.  But, recent comments not only make us sad,those dangerous comments make  us lose all our respect for both of them.  So, let’s not “beat around the Bush”.   Let’s come right out and say that H.W. lost his cool and ambushed President Trump.

What a sad ending for a man who held the highest and most powerful office in the world.  Our advice?  Go home and try to learn some manners, H.W.

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