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Burke — Plagiarism Revisited

The Democrat candidate for Wisconsin governor, Ms Burke,  has just fired one of her staff for plagiarism!  She justified the firing because she said that the staffer committed plagiarism when writing “HER” budget proposals.

While some of the media are  reporting the story, NOT ONE mentions an underlying principle that is being neglected.

And that is :   WHY DID SHE NEED A STAFFER TO WRITE WHAT IS PURPORTEDLY HER PLAN?  Aren’t candidates for public office supposed to have THEIR OWN PLANS?

And, the staffer is accused of using material in the Democrat’s proposed budget that he had already used for other candidates.  Well, shouldn’t the proposals come directly from the candidate herself?  Shouldn’t a candidate for Wisconsin governor have a plan for Wisconsin?  Or, does she think that a plan that is just regurgitated ideas from someone else will be just as good for Wisconsin in today’s environment?

Besides,  isn’t EVERYTHING that happens in her campaign ultimately HER responsibility?

Sounds as though she is using the same, irresponsible excuses that President Obama relies upon.  “I didn’t know”.  “It wasn’t me.”  “Blame him/her/them.”  “Trust me, even when I am wrong.”

Is Wisconsin really ready to believe her weak  rationalizations to explain the plagiarism?   I hope not.  Is Wisconsin ready to elect someone who is so inept that she can’t even monitor her own staff?  I hope not.  Is Wisconsin ready to elect someone to our highest state office who doesn’t “own up” to issues that were supposed to be under her own purview?  I sure hope not!

Our country’s economy, defense, and social network are all failing, thanks to Obama’s inept policies.   He was not ready for Prime Time, let alone the Presidency of the United States.  Ms. Burke already has failed to formulate a vision for Wisconsin’s budget.  Isn’t it wise to consider whether she has any original ideas for our great state?

And, if you do, you will see that Ms. Burke needs a LOT more experience before we let her run the great state of Wisconsin!

Re-elect Governor Walker!