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In the FOXhole

Foxes are known to be……well, foxy.  They can also be vicious, if you are a squirrel or other small animal, especially if they catch you in their foxhole.

And, now, it appears that the “foxes” at FOX news are pretty dangerous, too, especially to Republican candidates.  For, in the FOXhole, there are dangerous critters.  Dangerous critters like the moderators who believe that THEY are the focus of the show and that THEIR opinions are most important and that THEY have the right to decide what Americans want to hear from the candidates.

Their “he said, what do you say about what he said” approach in the debates  is really not helping voters understand where candidates stand on the issues.  And, their “got’cha” questions are downright obnoxious, and particularly destructive to a debate that was meant to highlight the candidates’ stances, NOT whether the moderators could catch the candidates off guard.   Plus, apparently, even the FOX crew now believe that they have the right to argue with candidates and candidates’ opinions, ala Candy Crowley when she defended Obama even though the facts supported Romney!  It’s crazy.  It’s journalism at its worst.

But most annoying of all is the overbearing and arrogant attitude of the moderators.  The smarmy looks and comments by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace did NOT leave an impression of even-handedness.  Nor did it help when Kelly had a montage of ONLY TWO of the candidates to “prove” they were changing their stance on a given issue.  Wallace’s smart-aleck response to Ted Cruz and his disallowing Cruz to respond when Cruz’ name came up, only highlighted how the moderators were out of control.  And, today, I see everyone patronizing the moderators and saying what a great job they did.  Of course, the people who are complimenting those moderators all have a vested interest in the debate being a success.  As for me and MY house, we thought the debate was a disaster for FOX and anyone who hoped to learn something about the candidates.   And, as Lombardi, my husband’s favorite coach,  used to say,  “What in the hell is going on out there?”

Where were the objective reporters ferreting out the facts?  Where was the opportunity for the candidates to constructively analyze issues?  Where were the concerns of the American voter represented?

Oh, that’s right.  Your best reporter, Catherine Herridge, is tackling the Hillary Clinton scandals.  Too bad because her journalistic standards would have been a beacon of light in that dark forum last night.

I finally have to admit that FOX no longer is our favorite channel.  We are tired of watching the FIVE at FIVE promote themselves and their books.  We are aghast at the comments by many of the moderators, like Kelly and Wallace, who too often insert their personal grudges and opinions into what should be a factual discussion.  In short, we are just plain angry that FOX, which claims to be fair and balanced and was our last hope of accurate reporting, has become just another channel with an agenda….that agenda being to promote its personnel and not the Truth.

So, thank goodness for the Drudge Report, Breitbart News, and a host of other online news outlets which can inform us on many issues because we don’t expect to crawl into the FOXhole again.   There are too many nasty critters in there!