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Curing Obamascare

Democrats claim that our health care system was sick and only the Federal Government could make it well again.  Unfortunately, the majority of Americans vehemently disagree and do NOT support Obama’s health care legislation.  Democrats claim that this will save money for all of us even though a majority of businesses are nervously contemplating the huge increase in costs and paperwork the new law necessitates.

Still, despite the taxpayers’ opinions, and despite that the Constitution forbids the Federal government from regulating what Americans MUST buy,  we hear that Democrats are going to fight the House majority who want to repeal the law.  Why?  Well, last night, Mara Liasson said on FOX that, after all, there are parts of the bill that people like, such as the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions.

What she doesn’t understand is that repealing  Obamascare does NOT preclude making changes to how health insurers do business.   There is no reason that individual concepts, like covering pre-existing health problems,  can’t be enacted as a stand-alone law.  Of course, such a law will raise the cost of premiums; but, if this is truly a favorite of the majority of Americans, so be it.

Many of us taxpayers believe that Congress should be voting on individual issues anyway, rather than hiding extraneous garbage, like ear marks, in a voluminous bill that most of Congress doesn’t even read!  If an issue is worth legislating, it surely is worthy of careful scrutiny and deliberation on ITS OWN MERITS.

After all, there are simple changes that could be implemented to improve the health care system, such as allowing interstate insurance premiums, that, unlike Obamascare, would cost the public nothing.  Competition is the only efficient means of improving costs.  Governmental regulation ALWAYS increases costs.

Republicans and anyone who cares about the future health of Americans should vote to repeal this monstrosity.  The only cure for Obamascare is to REPEAL it in its entirety.