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Sticking to my guns!

It never fails.  There is a tragedy and immediately, someone in Congress wants to create a new law to take care of a particular situation!  Is there anything that happens in our country that politicians don’t try to make into a poster for their political philosophy?  Well, the answer, unfortunately, is NO.

Guns, in and of themselves, do NOT kill people.  Everyone knows that.   It’s true that a gun can be a weapon used for murder, but then, so can almost anything.  Newspapers are filled with the infinite “tools”  that murderers use to kill their victims like knives or candlesticks or almost any common object.  But, I have yet to hear a Congress person declare that candlesticks should be banned.

The problem is that there is no way to guarantee the complete safety of anyone.  And, yet, whenever a gun is used by a criminal, the gun control freaks pop up like jack-in-the-boxes!  They demand gun control!  However, banning guns is a meaningless gesture since criminals aren’t going to abide by a law against guns.  Besides, if you carry that theory forward, you would notice that  murderers also drown some of their victims.  So,  should we outlaw water?

Somehow, politicians have to stop using events as political fodder for their pet causes.  Individual tragedies should NOT be the basis for a new law.  The law was meant to be an objective and logical method of dealing with issues and not a knee jerk response to a current event.  Our laws need to be written by objective people, not  fanatics obsessed by a current tragedy.   Writing a new law that bans guns now would be an emotional reaction to the Arizona tragedy, not the reasoned judgment of reasonable people.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to my guns!