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How to break America’s laws….by the NY Times and the Clintons

The NY Times has consistently published only articles that support or help Hillary.  They have admitted they hate Trump and all the people who support Trump.  The Times has joined with the arrogant elites who believe they have the right to control the “deplorables” in America, i.e., us.  It is no surprise then that the NY Times has published what they claim to be some old tax records from Donald Trump.

HOWEVER, it is ILLEGAL to see, much less publish, someone’s taxes UNLESS that PERSON GIVES HIS OR HER PERMISSION!  And, you can bet that Mr. Trump has never consented to the Time’s misuse of his own personal information, if these even are Trump’s taxes.

By definition, the NY Times has committed a felonious act by publishing the alleged tax records.  By definition, whoever released Trump’s taxes is also breaking the law!  In fact, by definition, if these really are Trump’s tax records, the IRS should be rushing to discover who is the culprit who gave them to the NY Times!

The important factor in this story SHOULD be the criminality in releasing private records of an American citizen without his or her consent. 

But, guess what the biased media chooses to focus on?  Of course, they want the American voter to be upset with Trump.  So,  naturally, the NY Times overlooks their own criminal behaviour and actually brags about being willing to break the law.  The NY Times feels no shame for breaking the law;  but, what would you expect of a newspaper that supports Hillary, and her impeached husband, both of whom are  known for past criminal activity?

The printed media or the Fourth Estate, like the NY Times, used to take pride in being the watchdog which kept politicians in check.  The Fourth estate used to be composed of journalists who wanted to print the Truth, whether they agreed with it or not.  The Fourth Estate used to be comprised of professionals, unlike today’s political hacks who pretend to report the “news”, but really print anything, even lies, if it promotes their own personal political agenda.

Rather than taking the word of someone who breaks the law to further their political agenda, we should repudiate the NY Times and their criminal actions.  As my husband always says, “Consider the source”.

So, if you know the NY Times is breaking the laws by knowingly printing confidential records, AND THEY ARE, then they are already impeached by their own behaviour.   And, they should not be considered a reliable source of information.  Nor, even though Hillary seems to be escaping prosecution for her crimes against America, should the NY Times escape without punishment.

Only criminals break laws.  But, not all criminals are thugs lurking in dark alleys until an unsuspecting victim comes by.

No, today’s criminals can be the publishers of can well-known media outlets, like the NY Times.  Today’s criminals occupy our highest political offices, like Hillary did.  And, now, we know how these politicians stay in power.  They depend upon the collusion of media sources such as the NY Times.

It is a sad day in America when what used to be a premier newspaper is writing the book  on “How to break America’s laws” and publicly bragging about it.

How to break American law?  Just ask the NY Times or their best buddy, Hillary Clinton.