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Obama Promises

Well, another State of the Union address is upon us.  So, what is President Obama going to promise this time?

Like Miss America applicants, Obama promises what  no one can oppose.

World peace?  Oh, yes, please.

Full employment?  Absolutely.

Unifying the country?  Wonderful.

Better education for our children?  Yes.

Protecting us from terrorism?  Definitely.

Who can argue with these grandiose dreams that Obama promises?  None of us could, or would.  Everyone hopes all of these ideas are fulfilled.  However, the problem is NOT that President Obama proposes these goals.  The problem  is that he has promised all of them before and he has produced NONE of them.

Besides, we EXPECT our President to work towards these goals.  To pretend that these are new or novel goals is ridiculous.  To pretend that he is saying something new is ridiculous.  To pretend that even he believes what he says is ridiculous.

On the surface, this State of the Union address  will promise much, but deliver little.  Democrats will jump up and applaud as if the President had solved World Hunger.  Know, though, that it is all a sham…..a show to entice voters into believing that Obama knows how to correct the problems facing America.  But, in the end, he will be speaking empty words….giving us promises he will never be able to keep.

Promises, promises, promises.  In reality, Obama’s promises are like  the Wisconsin snows which  come and go — every year  —  AND, in the spring, they melt away into nothingness.

So, beware!  This time, don’t let Obama’s promises “snow” YOU!