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When do politicians stop campaigning?

Well, for Obama, it is one continuous circuit.  First, he campaigns — and wins — then he plays some buckets — then he might catch a round of golf — then he or his family take an expensive vacation–then he campaigns — then he plays more basketball — then he golfs — then he takes a vacation…………….

The concern is NOT that he is overextending himself in terms of work.

The concern is WHEN does he actually work?  WHEN does he stop to think about what is good for America, and NOT just what HE wants?

Based on his first 4 years, the answers are all in the negative.

He NEVER stops campaigning.  He NEVER actually works.  And, he SELDOM puts what is right for America at the top of his list.

Obamaesque…………..a study in self-aggrandizement.