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Dear UN,

Dear UN,

Whatever made you think that we care one iota about your opinion on the George Zimmerman case?  This entire issue was ginned up by a media, complicit with President Obama…..all of whom hoped they could find a scandal and use racism to foment trouble.  Unfortunately for them, you, and President Obama, it turns out that it was NOT a white against black situation.   Oh, dear.  No racism?  That was a difficult day for you race-baiters, wasn’t it?

But, just like those racist fear-mongerers, you misunderstand the American legal system.  We believe that someone is innocent UNLESS convicted by a court.  The media doesn’t get to vote on the verdict, no matter how hard they try to influence the jurors’ decision.  We trust that the jury, a group of Americans, will do their best to find a fair decision.  They found him innocent of ALL charges, so, Mr. Zimmerman is, was, and always has been, innocent!

Now, you are “demanding” our government re-adjudicate the case.  Well, it will be news to you;  BUT, as non-Americans, NO ONE at the UN is approved for jury duty, AND,  you have no standing to question what an American jury decides.  So, please, just sit tight in the housing provided by American taxpayers…..enjoy the privileges and Freedom that our American military has paid for, many with their lives……. and, butt out!

You are merely  a conglomeration of  arrogant, and self-serving representatives who live high on the hog, courtesy of the American taxpayer and, yet…… assume that, just because you are living in our wonderful country, that you have the right to criticize what America says, does, or thinks.  Well, think again!  Be aware that YOUR PLACE is NOT in our country, and even less in our court system. You are a GUEST IN THIS COUNTRY!

In fact, anytime you feel the urge to go home, please do so.  Many of us Americans are sick of all of you parasites anyway .  You  pompously flout our American laws using diplomatic immunity yet feel free to criticize the very society that provides you with the good life.  You support dictators while at the same time you badger us for more money and humanitarian aid.  What hypocrites!

Keeping that in mind, remember that YOU ARE NOT Americans and have no right to demand anything of our government, our courts, or our decisions.  If you want to influence a country, go home and try to fix your OWN country because,  your opinions are not welcome here.

A fed-up American,

Down home in Fly-Over Country!