Democrats — Lowering the Bar

I’m talking about the ethics bar. For a party that claimed they would improve the morality in Washington, Democrats have been a complete failure !

 How many Democrats have been accused, impeached, or mentioned in a wide variety of criminal activities?  Senator Reid’s family benefited financially from his senatorial status.  Pelosi sent some companies a special stipend, thanks to the bailout.  Senator Burris, President Obama’s replacement, is now facing challenges to his testimony.  The Illinois governor was impeached.  President Obama claims to have not know the governor personally, but there are pictures proving otherwise. 

Now, the New York Governor, a replacement for the former, Democratic governor who left under scnadalous conditions, has decided to raise the salaries of some of his best buddies, despite the state of New York supposedly being in financial trouble.

Where does this money grubbing party stop its antics?  It won’t be any time soon because they now have the 780 gazillion dollars from the bailout to work with. 

These criminal activities by Democrats are your — and my — tax dollars at work.  The Democrats are not only lowering the ethical bar, but beating us over the head with it.  Our grandchildren will pay for the Democrats not being honest men and women.

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