Elizabeth Warren….doesn’t understand personal responsibility


Elizabeth Warren: “There Is Nobody In This Country Who Got Rich On His Own”

As Johnny Carson used to say,  “Wrong , Elizabeth Warren!”

And, it only takes one example to prove an assertion like Ms. Warren’s false.  Well, I have two perfect examples of people who pulled themselves up by their boot straps…a good old-fashioned, and American,  idea.

My mother and father both started out dirt poor and lived through the Great Depression.  Through countless hours of work, through scrimping, and through judicious investments, they are very secure.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law both began life with absolutely nothing.  They lived through the Great Depression, too.  Through countless hours of work, through scrimping, and through judicious investments, they are secure.

To say that their success is the result of living in America would imply  that EVERYONE living here will succeed.  If only the environment was the key to good fortune, there would be classrooms of geniuses.  Towns with one successful business would be filled with other successful businesses because the environment would be the same for all.  But, obviously,  many people did not succeed like my parents and my in-laws.  No. Considering that my parents and in-laws started out in the Depression and managed to change nothing into something is due solely to  their own hard work and nobody else!

Elizabeth Warren wants to reward society’s sloths with the earnings of hard-working Americans and that is just about as wrong as wrong can be!

Well, that is the Democrat’s usual priority because it buys votes.  But, it is untrue to give credit to society for the efforts of individuals.  It’s obvious that Elizabeth Warren just doesn’t understand personal responsibility in fostering America’s economic recovery!

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