Obama’s MAD!!!!


Obama told King he was furious that “someone didn’t think through the consequences of their actions,” and he tried to deflect criticism that he hasn’t shown enough emotion about the epic dimensions of the problem.

Oh, my!  President Obama’s MAD that the oil spill hasn’t stopped.   And even his touted personality hasn’t made any difference to the oil spilling out of the earth into the Gulf waters.

What to do?  What to do?

This is the problem when an inexperienced person is elected to the presidency.  He was a great candidate and convinced practically every single black person to vote for him, and a lot of Lieberals, and even many independents.  But, now, this crisis needs more than just talk and charisma.  Berating BP and telling the media how mad he is just won’t cap that oil leak.  Sadly, President Obama never was ready for the presidency and its crises, nor is he ready to understand that talk is still as cheap and useless as ever.

So, Obama’s mad.  Mad that he has a problem that is destroying his popularity among American voters.  He’s mad that someone can’t just fix the problem so Americans again laud the “great” Obama.

Well, here’s a news flash.  I’m mad, too.  I’m mad that Obama hasn’t a clue how to stop the oil slick from spreading.  I’m mad that he has used power plays and tactics that have created a national deficit for our grandchildren.  I’m mad that he tried to use the power of the presidency to sway elections in New York, Pennsylvania and now, Colorado.  I’m mad that he doesn’t understand that more taxation will cause MORE job losses!

And, if other Americans like me are mad now, just wait until election day!  Then, I hope Obama will be really MAD!

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