A two-edged Sword

The headline in Drudge of ” That’s no way to treat a Kennedy ” is confusing.   Did someone insult the famous lady?  Did someone make accusations about her?  It’s difficult to tell, but it appears that the “horrible” thing done to Caroline is that the governor was NOT going to name her as the next Senator from New York.

To me, that sounds not only fair since she was totally unqualified, but also wise.  It is long past time where the Kennedy name should give automatic entrance to whatever they demand.  Yes, John F. Kennedy was once our President and yes, he was assasinated.  But, others have lost their father or mother, and no one is giving them a senate seat.

However, the true irony iof this accusation is  that some feel that Kennedy was treated poorly merely because she was rejected.  Well, how does that correspond to Pelosi saying that she “feels as though a 10# weight was lifted off me when President Bush left town.”  How does that compare to all the names that Senator Reid and Kennedy and Schurmer and all those vociferous Democrats called our last President?

Obviously, it doesn’t.  Democrats bemoan the loss of good manners in politics, but the loss is directly attributable to them!  If they don’t like something, they label it and then call it a name….honest discussion of disagreements is anathema to them.  They say that time heals all wounds, but I can hardly wait until  the public  tires of their bad manners and their own words  become the two-edged sword that cuts them out of public life.

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