Banking on Bankers……

Even though the bailout for the big “banks”, i.e. financial conglomerates like CITI, were funded entirely by other banks, NOT the taxpayer, Democrats continue to use banks as their ultimate scapegoat.  As a small community bank, we did NOT cause the problem, but we ended up paying for it with higher FDIC insurance premiums and additional charges to “fund” the bailout.

Democrats don’t care.  They have found someone they can blame and hold hostage and they intend to beat the horse, even if it’s dead.  Hence the $19 billion tax they want to levy on ALL banks.  This is going to further hinder small community banks, the foundation of the American financial system, from providing funds to some customers.

It isn’t a good solution.  But, as I said before , Democrats don’t care.

They are banking on Bankers!

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