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Abortions murder babies

In last night’s debate, Mr. Trump said that partial birth abortion is a procedure that “rips”  babies out of their mother’s wombs.  He is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

Partial Birth Abortion

Partial birth abortion is a gruesome, horrendous, murderous act.  How do we know?  BECAUSE, the entire point of that procedure is that the BABY DIES.   And, the Baby dies a horrible death.  And, even worse, the murdered victim, the baby, is then rendered into usable parts and these parts are sold to the highest bidder.  What kind of country allows trafficking of human body parts?

I would never have thought Americans would accept the murder of innocents…..which all babies are.

What kind of country allows infanticide?  Well, proponents of partial birth abortion insist it is a woman’s right, regardless of the fact that the baby always dies.  This cavalier attitude about another human life is usually only seen in third world countries.

I would never have thought that, in America,  even Lieberals would sink so low as to protest they have the right to kill  the unborn.

So, how bad is that procedure?  Well……proponents of partial birth abortion would NEVER willingly undergo a similar procedure — that is, have scissors stuck into the back of their head and their brains sucked out!  Yet, for some reason, they condone these procedures based on the canard that the “health of the mother” is in jeopardy.  In almost all cases, it is healthier and safer for a mother to give birth naturally rather than undergo an abortion.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY SAFER FOR THE BABY IF THE MOTHER CHOOSES TO ALLOW THE BABY TO BE BORN AND LIVE!

Partial birth proponents always try to change the subject of this form of infanticide into whether the mother’s life is in danger.  Since delivering a baby is a natural process, this argument is false.  And, if the mother’s life is at stake, a caesarean section could be performed where, almost always, BOTH MOTHER AND BABY SURVIVE!

If that argument fails, the next ploy becomes…..well, the baby is “defective”…..or, “it is inconvenient to have a baby right now”…………..or, “the mother is too young”……”they can’t afford to have a baby now”……………………………..

These are factually specious, and arguably immoral,  considerations when a Life is at stake.  And, if the arguments are false, as can be proven, then there is no place in our country for partial birth abortions.

However, the best argument against partial birth abortion is to consider how many of its proponents would have wanted their own mothers to have made that choice?

How many abortion proponents believe that the world would be a better place if their own mothers had aborted THEM?

How many partial abortion birth abortion advocates have actually been at that procedure?  How many of them have heard the baby’s cries stopped when the scissors penetrate the skull?  How many of these Lieberals are defending a murderous act?

Their own words condemn them ……ALL OF THEM ARE DEFENDING MURDER……………because, no matter how they “slice and dice” it………………..ABORTIONS MURDER BABIES!